27 July 2007

It's official... this blog has moved

Okay, it's official. This blog has moved to http://ecoecon.wordpress.com/

If you've been coming by here regularly it's time to update your bookmarks. I made a few edits to the default CSS template over at word press and I believe I'm committed to the change. There are a number of features that are definitely improvements on blogspot including easy integration of content pages outside the post and comment blogging format and better post editing tools. I do like the way the archives widget works better here on blogspot, but I think the choice is made.

For the next week or so I'll check back in here and move any random comments that turn up over to the new site. But, if you are looking for new posts they'll be posted over there, or rather here: the visible hand


Anonymous said...

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BALDWIN is telling it about TEXAS- COLORADO and he 's now got a " goal".
You go girl!
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He's with nobody.
He's always been his own kind of " scum-ball".
But he just pulled the wrong " boner" because GROSS- BERRIRO went " rogue"!
Know what that means " assholes"?
It means RICK YOUNG just fucked ROBERT
GATES....and that's with HARPER.
So, everybody is " preety" much falling apart...
And that does mean UNTIL - MANCHIN- NEVADA.
So all that POTTILE and DATIL got thrown out with
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